This is not my first challenge with Meryl and definitely not my last one. I have struggled most of my life with my weight. About 12 years ago I lost  95 lbs but not in a healthy manner, and since then have struggled with the up and down syndrome. My skin elasticized and got damaged from the years of lack of proper nutrition and exercise. I never thought it would be possible to tighten my skin or build core strength for the 1st time ever. Not to mention being able to finally do real push ups. This program works wonders and puts all your doubts in check. When you see and feel results, it is very easy to keep going and to believe that YOU CAN DO IT.

This challenge is not simply about nutrition and weight loss, it is a complete confidence re-birther, energy booster, life organizer. I am a busy bee in life, work 2 jobs, sometimes 3 depending of contract season. In particular, when I began the 6 week Summer Slim Down Challenge, my father went through an operation and had to move in with me in my little 3 1/2 and was completely dependent of me on top of all the jobs and life itself….. Old me would’ve used that as an excuse to put it off again, but in contrary, the challenge helped me through this obstacle. It fuelled my energy and kept me going. And it also helped my father’s health tremendously, and he has lost just over 20 lbs. I must point out that Meal prepping is key and a time/life saver.

When you struggle with your weight most of your life, you are always looking for the miracle formula, the miracle diet, the miracle weight loss pill, but with these challenges and Meryl’s guidance, you learn to understand that this challenge is a back to basics nutrition and exercising. You learn about the body and how it reacts to nutrients.  This has become a complete lifestyle change and not just a diet.

Don’t get me wrong I have my moments of distraction and bumps in the road, but when you accept this lifestyle change into your life it speaks to you. It is now always just a bump and not a halt.

I will forever be grateful for what this has brought to my health and life. With this 6 Week Program, I am down 7 lbs and knocked off 9.5 inches off my body. Very validating results.

Thank you Meryl for everything.


6 Week Online Bootcamp is hard…, but so rewarding! I am a new Mom, was always tired, no energy. The motivation you receive from Meryl and the group is huge. I followed all the workouts and the meal plan. Now I am feeling fantastic, strong and I’m so proud of myself.

My body is starting to change. I lost 1 inch around every part of my body and I know it is just a beginning!


I highly recommend Meryl’s 6-week program. I signed up looking for motivation to start working out and taking care of myself again after my second child. The training is very effective and it is not very time consuming. Also, since you ‘have to’ track your meals and post your progress, you end up doing the trainings with no excuses!  In my case I was not looking to lose weight but to get some muscle toning. I ended up losing a few pounds and increasing my resistance, got a better shape and posture in only 6 weeks. I’m very thankful to Meryl and I definitely will keep on track with her future programs.


This 6-week Online Bootcamp has results! Inches and pounds were lost but also strength and motivation to continue were gained. It’s somewhat intense but it’s exactly what’s needed to kickstart making exercise and healthy living part of “normal life”. The exercises were good – I probably could have done cardio and resistance on the same days but I spread them out throughout the week. What was great is that it’s flexible enough that I can shift around days and workouts to make it work for me and my ever-changing schedule. I’m most excited about the definition that’s starting to show in my arms, though I feel stronger and fitter all over.
I had company and things going on where I wasn’t the meal-planner, so I didn’t follow the food planning exactly but I did try to follow Meryl’s tips – almonds were toasted, sweet potatoes were roasted. And it made me much more conscious of my food choices, which was key. And I could also really feel it when I veered off track and had something that was not clean living. My energy was so much higher when I was on track, it’s terrific.

Whoop whoop!!!! Love this 6 week program!!!! I want to always be in that frame of mind
1st I lost 7 pounds!
2nd I lost 9.5 inches
I loved the simplicity of the entire program. It wasn’t easy but very doable.
Loved complaining of being sore all the time (I’m still sore…hahaha)
The group this time was so into it that it was great sharing with all.
Meryl, you really are a great coach and I thank you so much. You are like an angel in my life