“Meryl is phenomenal. She is kind, generous, so FIT, so innovative and an incredible support to anyone’s wellness. With her championing and expertise I was able to get excited about losing excess pregnancy weight and inspired to feel really strong again in my body. Meryl, thank you for your constant interest in my goals and for your constant encouragement. You are an inspiration to me and I thank you for helping me feel stronger and better than I have in a while.”


“Meryl is a great coach. She recognizes your strengths and your weaknesses and develops a program which caters to both.  She makes you feel so comfortable and throughout your training program, you are so happy to see the results you wanted and pleased to have made such a wonderful friend. I highly recommend Meryl as a trainer.”

-Nadia T

I’m 51 and I’ve been a runner for all of my adult life. Because I am a runner, my legs are my strongest point. When a new gym was built at work, they had a personal trainer come in for 2 weeks to explain the machines in the gym as well as set up a personal training plan for each of those who were interested. Meryl was that trainer. I have now been training with Meryl twice a week for almost 2 years. She is extremely encouraging and professional and inspiring and I can honestly say she is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met. She works with each person and adjusts to their level of fitness. Meryl has helped me strengthen my core and upper body incredibly. For example: I went kayaking and was surprised to be kayaking for such a long time with such strength and not even get tired. What I am also excited about is that I have learned a lot of great exercises that I can do at home with my daughters. Thank you Meryl … you’re the best!


During my recent trip to China, my wife, son, and I were very active. In particular, on one day we did a very difficult hike around Mount Huangshan, a.k.a. The Yellow Mountain. It was over 6 km, but all stairs! If it hadn’t been for the couple of months training with you I am sure I wouldn’t have had the strength or confidence to finish.
I’m really grateful to you for your positive influence!

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