A light-hearted holiday

We all have that nightmare trip, you know the one that tests your patience to the extreme? Well I’ve actually grown used to these experiences. From showing up at the airport on the wrong day, showing up at the airport with my son’s expired passport, luggage lost for literally months, changing baby blowouts all over the seat tray, etc. etc. I’ve gotten accustomed to having a “good story” to tell once we get to our destination.  But this one tops them all.

Rather calm because he was sick, the first 3 hours of the flight weren’t too bad. My one year old was calm and content just being held and not being bothered by his older brother. But eventually he had enough and needed to move around. Quickly came the first poo, and then the second. And that’s when I realized this wasn’t going to be pretty. His stomach was upset and I just had a feeling. That mother instinct feeling that said – be ready for what’s coming. Well you can be ready all you want, I had gathered extra paper towels and I had the paper barf bag out. But honestly, he’s only one year old. Was I really thinking I’d be able to catch it in a bag? This was definitely wishful thinking. We’ve all heard people giving their own travel advice say, “Pack extra clothes .. Not just for the kids but for everyone. Have them in your carryon … Just in case.”

I actually didn’t even realize when it was happening. He was snuggled against my shoulder, so I just thought he was coughing against my chest. Well the man behind me quickly made me aware this was not the case as baby puke was sliding down my hair, my back, between the seats, and onto his bag and feet! Since this all happened during our descent, the flight attendants couldn’t answer the call button, so no trash bags or paper towels were coming until everyone got off the plane.

I’m telling you this story, yes, so you can laugh along with me.  But also because we always need a reminder, especially during the holidays, to just relax and take things a little lighter.

The holidays can be so full of events and people pulling us in different directions, that we forget to stop and enjoy them. To the man behind me on the airplane, I’m truly sorry. I really hope the vomit didn’t seep into your lap top bag and ruin your computer. But seriously, did you have to be so mad? To those diligently working on losing their weight, try as best you can this week but don’t beat yourself up if the week full of parties compromises your spot on nutrition. And to everyone, I’d like to wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday week.


Like the gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas, we’ll be increasing the complexity and volume of our Squats for this #12DaysOfChristmasSquats Challenge.Check in on Facebook or Instagram each day for the challenge and for your chance to win some really cool prizes… and a partridge in a pear tree!

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