Back to School, Back to Routine

Welcome September. September is by far my favorite month. Maybe it’s because it is my birthday month, maybe it’s because of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s September song played at every wedding, or maybe it’s because September is always the start of some kind of new routine. And anything new evokes all kinds of emotions to get excited about.

When you’re a kid it’s all about back to school shopping, planning and preparing. Then as we get older it’s about sending our kids back to school or getting back into the routine of things at work after the more relaxed summer hours.

My encouragement to you is that in the next couple of weeks as you get into your new routine, rearrange your schedule to fit time for exercise. Plan it into your week, put it on your calendar, make it fit. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to boost your brain’s ability to learn. That’s right. Not only does exercise help you loose weight, feel better, feel more confident, and a myriad of other health benefits but it also increases your brain’s ability to concentrate. How? Exercise improves your brain in the short term by raising your focus for two to three hours afterwards.

Do you and your family workout together? Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow mange to fit exercise not only into your busy schedule but also into your family time? Now is the time. The next few weeks are all about starting or getting back into a new routine. Try to build exercise into yours and see if you can help your kids and yourself to focus better.

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Turn on some music and dance. Use a flashlight like a strobe light.
  • Go for a pre or post dinner walk together. See some stairs? Run up them.
  • Make clean up time an opportunity for strength training. Pick up toys one at a time with squats.
  • Play a game of tag. And really run, you’d be surprised how fast the little ones are.
Spend 30 minutes a day doing any of these fun activities to boost your mind and body. Embrace September and the start of something new.

Looking for other ways to build a fitness program into your life? Give me a call today and let me help you.

Have a great week,


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